Music is, as so many of us, a big part of my life.
A need to pump my energy, to relieve the stress, push my creativity, and tease my emotions.

So I wanted to share with you the music of artists I enjoy!
With our team, we arranged a playlist for every flavor we have and will create, guiding us into different moods and origins.

As French-born, I wanted to start with a playlist of French selection, “bien sur”.
Starting with our first mix named after our Violette-Myrtille* Macaron (*Violet Blueberry)

Here some songs that will hopefully connect you with beauty, France, tenderness, and joy!

Let’s stop the bla bla… It is time to play some music!

Rainbow Macarons

June 2019 by Chantal Guillon

Violette Myrtille

May 2019 by Chantal Guillon

“ There is no pattern, only freedom!”

Stay tuned for the next playlist which
will be shared via our newsletter

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